25 Apr

The new academy structure that is being put in place for the 2014-2015 school year is bringing a lot of new and interesting changes to the Windham Regional Career Center and Brattleboro Union High School. Here are three of the most exciting things about the new Fine, Visual and Performing Arts Academy.
students in the wrcc dance program will benefit from the FVPA academy

1. Increased Visibility For Programs

The academy structure will make certain classes required and help guide students to classes relevant to their goals. This allows students to discover classes—even ones that might not seem directly related to their pursuit—that will complement their field of study.

“This could result in students who are interested in dance or music or film, realizing that an acting class might be beneficial in the study of dance or music”, said Bob Kramsky, the Acting instructor for the Career Center.

2. Collaboration Between Programs

One thing that the FVPA Academy, and the academy structure in general, emphasizes is collaboration between teachers in the High School and the Career Center. This allows teachers and programs to foster connections that will broaden students’ skill bases and experiences. Michel Moyse, a Digital Editing and Filmmaking instructor is very interested by this.

“The four strains we’re working with in the FVPA academy are related from an educational point of view,” Moyse says. “It makes a lot of sense for someone who’s interested in filmmaking to take a course in photography, digital media or performance. If you want to learn something about filmmaking you should learn something about acting, so having that integrated into the academy structure broadens the scope of what these students can do.”
filmmaking students at the center for digital art will benefit from the FVPA Academy

3. Preparation for Post-Graduation

The FVPA Academy will help prepare students for post-graduation in several ways. There is an application required to get into the academy, as well as an interview. These are skills that will help students in future college and job applications.

More importantly, the students learn a wide variety skills that will help in their performing arts pursuits.

For instance, enrolling in higher education.

“When they get to a conservatory or a liberal arts program they will have had a more intensive introduction to the arts,” says Kramsky. “Will it make them better actors, singers, dancers or filmmakers—who knows? But they will have had more experience, and I think that will give students an advantage over those who haven’t had a performing arts focus.”

Or immediately entering the job market.

Josh Moyse, of the Center for Digital Arts adds, “I think it [the FVPA Academy] will help people break into making ‘content,’ which is not necessarily a specific field in itself, but something all fields are now looking for. If you come out of this academy you will have the skills to create content for the Internet or social media, which is an increasingly desirable skill in today’s society.”

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