WRCC Mission

The Windham Regional Career Center mission is to provide all learners with skills and competencies leading to post-secondary success. The Career Center supports a system of communication promoting an organizational climate that maximizes learning opportunities. The Career Center utilizes advanced technology to deliver valid curriculum aligned with recognized educational and industry standards and competencies to all learners in Windham County and the surrounding region.

One Mission — Learner Success

A clear vision of effective communication and technology supporting learners at every opportunity.

WRCC Vision

  • A highly qualified, dedicated, caring administration and staff that models lifelong learning and professionalism.
  • A safe, positive, respectful, environment which celebrates learning and achievement for all.
  • A culture with high expectations that promotes intellectual curiosity and creative thinking along with personal responsibility, effort, and citizenship.
  • An administration and staff that provides a consistent approach to attendance and discipline with appropriate timely consequences.
  • A supportive and involved learning community (which also includes students, parents, and staff) that provides an evolving and innovative curriculum that produces confident, self-motivated, skilled graduates with a solid work ethic.

The Windham Regional Career Center endeavors to maintain a safe and healthy school. Career Center staff are committed to demonstrating the following:

  • Caring and supportive action
  • Maintaining accessibility for students
  • Displaying a positive attitude towards all on our campus

Non-Discrimination Statement

It is the intent of Windham Regional Career Center that its Board and its employees will not discriminate against any intended beneficiaries of statutory protection (including but not limited to students, employees, parents, guardians, other members of the community or applicants for employment or admission, and unions or professional organizations holding collective bargaining or professional agreements with the school district) on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, and/or age, in admission and access to, or treatment or employment in, any of the high school programs and activities, policies, procedures, and practices, and to the extent provided by law.