Academic courses at Windham Regional Career Center include a wide range of disciplines. Here you will find a complete list of courses available to Career Center students. Use the search box above find course offerings based on course name, course ID, number of course credits or course length (i.e. semester, double-blocked semester or full year).

Please note: many courses have grade level restrictions¬†and most upper and/or advanced-level courses require prerequisite courses to be taken prior to registration. Click on any course title to read about eligibility, prerequisites and what you’ll learn.

ID Course Name Credits Course Length
CE000100 Technical & Professional English III N/A Semester
CE000101 Technical English IV N/A Semester
CCHS0102 Introduction To College English N/A Semester
CM007814 Technical Math III N/A Semester
CM007810 Technical Math IV N/A Semester
C0007269 Geometry in Construction 8 Full Year
C0007410 Career & College Readiness Prep N/A Semester
C0007131 Career Exploratory 4 Semester
C0007182 Skills, Maintenance & Repair Tech (S.M.A.R.T.) 4 Semester
C0007411 Workplace Skills Certification 4 Semester
C0007118 Agricultural Land Management N/A Semester (double block)
C8CR7121 Forestry & Natural Resources N/A Semester (double block)
CCHS7233 Intro to Horticulture N/A Semester
C0007232 Hydroponics & Greenhouse Operations N/A Semester
C0007234 Landscape Contracting N/A Semester (double block)
C0007116 Machine Operation & Maintenance N/A Semester
C0007135 Diversified Farming N/A Semester (double block)
C0007500 Baking & Pastry N/A Semester
C0007501 Advanced Baking & Pastry N/A Semester
C0007136 Street Foods & Food Cart Cooking N/A Semester
C8CR7361 Culinary Arts Restaurant & Catering N/A Full Year
C0007504 Intro to Food & Beverage Management N/A Online/1 week residency
CCHS1851 Film Making / Digital Editing N/A Full Year
C0007137 Intro to Dance N/A Semester
C0004635 Performing Arts: Acting N/A Full Year
CCHS7815 Accounting N/A Semester
CCHS5285 International Business 4 Semester
C0005255 Personal Finance 4 Semester
C0007271 Construction Building & Framing N/A Full Year
CCHS7305 Principles of Biomedical Science N/A Semester
CCHS7306 Human Body Systems N/A Semester
CCHS7300 Medical Terminology 8 Full Year
C0007324 Intro to Early Childhood Education N/A Semester
CCHS7326 Fostering Creativity in Children N/A Semester
C0007140 Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) N/A Semester
C0007255 Protective Services - Criminal Justice N/A Full Year
C0007260 Protective Services - Fire Fighter N/A Full Year
C0007412 Foundations in Career Tech & STEM 4 Semester
C0007611 Architecture & Construction Graphics 4 Semester
C0007155 Design & Modeling 4 Semester
CCHS7122 Intro to Engineering Design 4 Semester
CCHS7123 Principles of Engineering 4 Semester
CCHS7615 Digital Electronics 4 Semester
CCHS7612 Architectural & Civil Engineering 4 Semester
C0007126 Computer Integrated Manufacturing I 4 Semester
CCHS7127 Computer Integrated Manufacturing II 4 Semester
C0007129 Engineering Design & Development 4 Semester
C0007354 Fiber Optics (Photonics) 4 Semester
C0007151 Robotics & Automation 4 Semester
C0007401 Intro to Automotive Repair & Technology N/A Semester
C0007185 Automotive Sub Systems N/A Semester (double block)
C0007186 Automotive Electrical Systems N/A Semester (double block)
CCHS7308 Biomedical Innovation N/A Semester
C0007411 Workplace Skills Certificate N/A Semester
C0007505 Restaurant and Cooking Skills N/A Semester
C0007115 Performing Arts - Circus N/A Semester
C0004655 Performing Arts - Directing N/A Full year
C0004657 Theatre Capstone N/A Semester
C0004658 Movement Capstone N/A Semester
CCHS5326 Business Communications and Procedures N/A Semester
CCHS7327 Infant and Toddler Development N/A Semester
CCHS7328 Communications in ECE Workplace N/A Semester
CCHS7329 Student Teaching: An ECE Practicum N/A Semester
CCHS7307 Medical Interventions N/A Semester
C0007402 Introduction to Electricity N/A Semester
C0007359 Electronics and Speaker Building N/A Semester
C0007340 Construction & Shop Tools N/A Semester
C0007400 WRCC Academic Support Variable Semester
CCHS7309 Human Growth & Development N/A Semester
CCHS7330 Nutrition N/A Semester