16 Jun

The Windham Regional Career Center held its Senior Celebration Evening on June 7th in the Brattleboro Area Middle School multipurpose room. The celebration was in honor of the Center’s graduating seniors representing twenty different programs. The Culinary Program prepared an excellent meal for everyone attending. Michael Burnett, WRCC Director, welcomed Dr. Ron Stahley, Superintendent of the Windham Southeast Supervisory Union and Mr. Bob Woodworth, chairperson of the Regional Advisory Board, each saying a few words to start the ceremony. Mr. Burnett said a few words honoring Dr. Ron Stahley and presented him with an Adirondack chair to enjoy in retirement. Mr. Burnett then introduced the keynote speaker – Joel Kalinowski, a past student of WRCC and consulting firm – Blatant Expressions owner. The Dance Program performed a piece that was choreographed by two students in the Dance program – Ellery Witman and Olivia Zschirnt.

Five students were nominated and inducted into the National Technical Honor Society. Maribeth Cornell, NTHS advisor and instructor of WRCC Business classes introduced each student giving highlights about their skills and accomplishments. These students went through a rigorous essay based application process, earned an A each quarter in their Career Center program and maintained at least a B average in their other academic courses this year. The inductees are: Jocelyn Aither, Marissa Betit, Tia Gilbeau, Caleb Hayes, and Emmalee Waite all from the Medical Human Services Program.

Michael Burnett introduced Betsy Gentile, WRCC Ambassador Advisor, for a special recognition of the 2016-17 WRCC ambassadors. Members are: Ben Kaufman, Cassie Dunn, Cody Hellus, Jemez Jobin, Jeremy Lackey, Jocelyn Aither, Madison Fortier, Alec Pelton, Megan Pennell, Miles Hiler, Rachel Pennell, Sara Gauthier, Seth Rhodes, Taylor Florence, Yvonne Harrison and Joy Kondracki.

Director Michael Burnett introduced Jim Valliere, automotive instructor to present the Twin State Trucking Scholarship. Mr. Valliere presented this scholarship to Ethan Waterman. The Franklin Auto NAPA Parts Supplier Award was presented to Emily Gale. Mr. Valliere also presented the Performance Motors Award to Josh Smith. Maribeth Cornell presented the Warner L. Thomas Business Student Scholarship to Sara Gauthier. The Brattleboro Savings & Loan Scholarship was presented to Sara Gauthier by Donna Rathbun. The Ernest Flagg Scholarship was presented by Gene Whitney to Nate Tyler. Errold Nelson presented the Brattleboro Garden Club Scholarship to Troy Felisko and Jeremy Lackey. Mr. Burnett presented the Cusato Fernando Bruno Scholarship to Korie Cliché. The Raymond Harrington Award was presented Mr. Tom Fagella to Josh Smith. Mr. Duane Young presented the Brent Young Award to Seth Gero. Errold Nelson presented the Cersosimo Lumber Company Scholarship to Troy Felisko. Mr. Nelson also presented The Allard Lumber Company Scholarship to Seth Rhodes. Mr. Nelson also presented the James Brown Memorial Fund Scholarship to Seth Rhodes and Troy Felisko. Mrs. Anne Doran presented the Vermont Honors Scholarship to Seth Rhodes. Mr. Burnett presented the James Cusick Memorial Award to Jeremy Lackey and the William Dennen Overall WRCC Outstanding Student to Jemez Jobin.

In closing, Mr. Burnett recognized three staff members that are not returning to WRCC next year. Laura Reed, Marty Litch and Betsy Gentile are retiring this year. Best wishes to them!

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