11 Oct

On Friday, September 13, Career Center students from FBLA, FFA, and Skills USA piled into two school buses and went on their annual trip to the Eastern States Exposition (The Big E) in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

WRCC Students at the Big E

The trip wasn’t all fun and games, though it was a lot of fun, it’s also a highly educational experience for the students. The Big E is a very large event that draws businesses from all over the region, this gives the students the opportunity to observe salespeople in their natural habitat and interview business people.

All of the business students had to interview several businesses on why they rented a stall at the Big E, or how many years they had been vendors. They also had to watch at least one sales demonstration and observe the techniques that the salesperson used.

Milking Fake Cow at Big E

The Big E is also a very food-focused event: each state has a building, with vendors, food stands, and decor from the state in it. This allowed us to sample a wide variety of regional foods, as well as some more unique food items, such as the Big E Burger — a hamburger with two glazed doughnuts as the buns. Even with all the work we had to do still managed to have fun. It was a great day at the fair.

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