12 Jun

Bear with me: I like to sail, and although I haven’t sailed in years, the sailing experience remains a fundamental part of me.

sailing into the sunset

Funny thing about sailboats … sometimes you need to head directly into the wind to get home. The bad news is that sailboats can’t head directly into the wind. You have to “tack”. That is, to take a course that gets you up wind and by changing tacks, eventually you get home. It can be a long and tedious process.

To reach your goal means to always be aware of “home” (your course) and realize that the long voyage is worth the trip.

My voyage started after college and my various tacks have led me to wondrous places that I would never thought of visiting. I’ve run various businesses, built houses and made a family with 3 wonderful children. I taught, counseled and led so that today, 31 graduating classes and 42 years later I stand before you.

To class number 31: my advice … stand fast. Don’t forget your goals. A 19th century author once said “the voyage of the best ship is a zig-zag line of a hundred tacks.” Be true to yourselves, mark your course, and you’ll get home.

Windham Regional Career Center’s class of 2013 is:
120 strong
74 are headed off to college next fall
8 are headed into our nation’s military
37 are entering the work force
Just about half of them worked part-time while in school
44% of them earned college credit while studying here in these halls
These students have earned over 100 college credits while attending high school and several are already one semester or more into their college careers.

Remember that these numbers are not mutually exclusive, many of these students went to school, held down jobs and earned college credit on the journey to be here tonight. Please join me in wishing them all good luck and god speed in this next segment of their journey.

– David Coughlin, Director

Dave Coughlin wrcc director

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