03 Jun

Barb Vinci
Full Name: Barbara B. Vinci

Title: Business Instructor, FBLA Advisor

Where are you from: Brattleboro, Vermont

What do you bring to your class that’s different from traditional classes?

I think one of the important things I bring to class is that I try to make personal connections with the students. I want them to feel like I care about what they’re doing as individuals and where they want to go, and I try to mesh that to get them there in a more personable way, versus just a traditional classroom environment.

What is your favorite thing about the Career Center?

I think that the Career Center does allow us a more hands-on approach in getting to know our students, in a much closer atmosphere. I like that we have freedom to express our own experiences to the students to help them grow as individuals to prepare them for the world.

What got you interested in becoming a business instructor? (Is there some business history there?)

I worked for 20 years in municipal finance and before that I was an auditor with a local accounting firm. My undergraduate degree was in accounting so I always had an aptitude for business, I always enjoyed business but I wanted to do something different. When I left municipal finance I went back to school to get my education degree to teach business. I had two tremendous teachers that I learned from here at the Career Center — Ms. Cornell and Mr. Bergeron who I always looked to for guidance and it was something that they encouraged me to pursue.

How do students in your class get real-world experience?

What I do in my classes, especially my sports marketing classes is we facilitate our own events. So they get to understand all the tools that are necessary in planning and completing an event.

Students in Business Class at the Career CenterWhat are the most important skills for business that students take away from your class?

I think just giving them a strong foundation and a variety of business concepts that will help them grow as individuals and as potential business students in college.

How does the Starting Your Own Business class prepare students to become entrepreneurs?

We give them all the tools necessarily to understand what it takes to have a start up business. The preparation and completion of a business plan really gives them the strong foundation of what it takes to take your concept to the next level, and really bring it to fruition.

When you’re not teaching, what might you be doing?

Enjoying family and friends and being outdoors.

Which of the seasons do you love most and how do you enjoy it?

I think in Vermont it would be fall, and seeing how things change and the beautiful colors. I think thats what I enjoy the most, having lived here all my life.


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