07 Nov

On Wednesday, November 6, motivational youth speaker Jeff Yalden came to Brattleboro to speak to the students at the Brattleboro Union High School and the Career Center. As he gave his speech, the entire gym was silent. It was a very powerful experience that made a difference in a lot of students lives. A senior from the Career Center, James Ferris was also picked to introduce Jeff to the student body.
Jeff Yalden

“It was an honor being picked to get the crowd excited for Jeff, to live up to everything that he represents during his presentation,” said Ferris.

Jeff used a lot of stories from his life, both humorous and poignant to convey his messages of kindness, self-respect, and making the most out of life. Jeff’s speech was heartfelt and touching, without being sad and depressing.

One of Jeff’s stories that left a mark was a story about his experiences with his wife’s grandfather, who was the only man in his life to ever say “I love you” to him. Jeff would visit him every day, until he passed away.

“His story about his grandfather is one that everyone can relate to,” Ferris added. “The tragedy of the event was really touching so the message is clear. It was definitely very heartfelt and resonated throughout the crowd. I think the funniest story was about him getting his dog. Although it was humorous, he did a great job of getting a message out of a funny story like that.”

Jeff Yalden Talking to StudentsJeff has certainly had a lasting impact on a lot of students at the Career Center and we hope that this won’t be the last we hear from him.

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