17 Jan

Next week will be the start of a new semester at the Career Center. This means many new students will be entering the Career Center for the first time. It’s not always easy starting somewhere new, but this post will tell you everything you need to know about surviving and succeeding at the Career Center.

1. Come to class with an open mind. There will be many new experiences at WRCC and it will be very difficult to learn and enjoy your time here if you aren’t open to new ideas and experiences. Even if in other situations there was an activity you didn’t like, at the career center it may be totally different.

wrcckobi_edited-12. Ask questions. Many classes at the career center are hands-on and if this is a new experience for you, certain things may not make sense to you. The only you’ll learn new things is to inquire about them!

3. Engage your community. If you need help or don’t understand something, even after the teacher explains it to you, many students who have been in the Career Center before are more than willing to help. Upperclassmen or students who have taken a class before you are great people to get help from. Even though upperclassmen may be a little scary at first, they can be great friends! (Plus they can be a chauffeur for you if they have a car.)

4. Stay Interested. There are many activities at the WRCC. If you feel like you aren’t drawn to a certain a class anymore, don’t torture yourself just because someone wants you to do a certain class or because you feel obligated to do a certain class. Try a new class that you haven’t done before, there’s tons of awesome classes!

5. No exotic animals allowed. In class it is best to pay full attention and animals like giraffes and elephants are quite distracting, not only to you but to your classmates as well. It can also be dangerous for the animal as they may get stuck in the doorway or in an elevator.

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