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Academic SupportC0007400

Credits: BUHS 2, Sending Schools .5

Duration: Semester

The Windham Regional Career Center provides educational support services for out-of-district sending school students who are on Individual Education Plans or who would benefit from additional academic supports.  Students may also receive support in the areas of study skills, organizational skills, career development, and coordination with other service providers.

Technical centers shall provide accommodations and other services required by special populations students to successfully complete their technical education program.  The Special Populations Teacher shall support instructors in carrying out the accommodations, interpret the results of academic and vocational assessments, and design remedial academic exercises.  In addition to meetings and record-keeping, student services shall also include reinforcing employability skills and supervising services for students whose native language is other than English.

This means that the Special Populations Teacher/Special Needs Coordinator supports our instructors in providing IEP/504 accommodations and identifying supports that allow students to access the program or pathway expectations and/or requirements.  When appropriate the Special Populations Teacher can work with students to review prior knowledge and pre-teach skills, but cannot offer core instruction for credit (i.e. these services cannot be used to meet the requirements of an English Class).


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