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Introduction to Finance and AccountingCCHS7816

Credits: BUHS 4, Sending Schools 1

Duration: Semester

This introductory financial course will provide students a thorough background in basic business techniques and financial procedures used in business while teaching the essential language used in any business major or financial endeavor. The curriculum will guide the student through the eight components of the accounting cycle for a sole proprietorship then progresses into applying and adding new concepts for a merchandising business. The introductory financial procedures presented will serve as a background for the Business Management and Leadership program, as well as employment or post-secondary studies in a variety of majors. Whether planning to start a business of your own or studying business in college or understanding basic finance needed for any business, an understanding of basic finance will aid in your success.
Students seeking success in this introductory course should have successfully completed English 9, Grade 9 math courses, have a good memory, be able to manage their time in and out of class in order to complete class readings, research, writing, and daily textbook assignments/homework.
Daily access to the Internet is required to complete assignments outside of class.
Prerequisites: none

Access to the Internet is required to complete assignments outside of class.

Additional Program Information

Embedded Credits

(on completion of program)


Industry Credential

Dual Enrollment

Accounting I: RVCC (3 credits)

Student Organization


What's Next/Employment in Field:

Knowledge and skills in management and leadership are transferable and sought after in all career fields. Students completing the business program often continue their education and earn bachelor's degrees before beginning their careers. A degree in business opens doors to careers in management, marketing, administration, finance, sports management, communications, public relations, business education, international business, human resource management, office management, and business technology.

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