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Advanced FilmmakingCADV1851

Credits: BUHS 8, Sending Schools 2

Duration: Full Year

Grades: 11-12

In this course, students hone their skills in producing, directing, and editing by developing short-form documentary and narrative films.  Each student will have the opportunity to expand their creative portfolios, with increased access to professional-grade film equipment and advanced instruction in creative producing, screenwriting, and editing.  In addition to producing a series of short films, students are also expected to collaborate with an area nonprofit to develop and implement a targeted media campaign that advances the mission of the organization.

Course syllabus:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/19_fr8725MkoElZDAZoOSFIurEJzTuQ-v/view?usp=sharing


75% or better in Filmmaking & Digital Editing I

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