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Business Management and LeadershipCL100050

Credits: BUHS 12, Sending Schools 3

Duration: Full Year

Business is booming! Will you be ready to lead? Will you understand the dynamics that lead to success both personally and professionally? Develop the skills necessary to succeed in today’s tech-savvy, competitive environment; gain the skills necessary to excel in college and in the workforce. Opportunities for leadership and management positions exist in all career paths.
Acquire the basic understanding of the business environment; become familiar with practices of successful leadership, learn to talk the talk and walk the walk for growth in your chosen industry. Engage in dynamic learning experiences that will move you to grow and expand your abilities. Interact with local business leaders, intern in businesses and learn what you really want your future to be, participate in realistic projects that will prove useful in identifying and articulating your skills, attend leadership workshops and competitions…build a resume with substance and be able to validate your abilities when interviewing.
Whether your goal is to lead employees and organization to achieve success, become the manager of an existing business, or start a business of your own, this program will give you a foundation of knowledge that is essential to function successfully in the working world. Business is not boring….it’s dynamic, engaging, and active!
Students seeking success in BML should have successfully completed English 10, Algebra I, have a good memory, be able to manage their time in and out of class in order to complete class readings, research, writing assignments, as well as interact and communicate well with classmates and instructors.
Access to the Internet is required to complete assignments outside of class; FBLA is co-curricular; its projects are an integral component of the learning.
Prerequisites: none

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