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Work-Based Learning (WBL)

Credits: BUHS , Sending Schools

Duration: Full Year

Work-based learning is an educational experience that offers students an opportunity to reinforce their learning, explore career fields, and demonstrate program skills in their chosen career cluster.  Through WBL opportunities, the student’s career center program becomes more relevant, rigorous, and rewarding for students, local businesses, and industry partners.  There are three options offered for the Work-based learning experience at the Windham Regional Career Center; Job Shadowing, Career Work Experience, and Cooperative Technical Education.  The Work-based Learning Coordinator and the program instructor collaborate with eligible students to investigate an appropriate work placement and develop goals for the work experience.  Students interested in undertaking a WBL experience may speak with their program instructor, WRCC Counselor, or Work-based Learning Coordinator for further information.  Work-based learning experiences may be available for high school credit. 

Work-based learning sites include Brattleboro Police Department, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, A.L. Tyler and Sons, Twin State Truck Service, Rescue Inc., Oak Grove School, Vernon Elementary School, Physical Therapy Services of Brattleboro, Whetstone Station Restaurant, WTSA Radio, Tayne Rancourt Excavating, Cocoplum Appliances, and G.S. Precision.

Prerequisites:  Students seeking a Work-based Learning placement will be currently enrolled in a WRCC program, at least 16 years of age, have the recommendation of their program instructor, a completed resume, and the ability to participate successfully in a job interview.


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