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Intro to Culinary ArtsCLI10039

Credits: BUHS 4, Sending Schools 1

Duration: Semester

This is a hands-on course that introduces and develops basic cooking skills. This course introduces students to the foodservice industry. Students will learn how to follow recipes, weigh and measure food, and properly use all kitchen equipment. Basic culinary terminology is taught and students learn the basic techniques that are used in cooking, baking and customer service. An overview of the foodservice industry helps a student to understand the different career opportunities.


Knowledge of basic math, specifically measurement of volume and weight and have at least a 7th grade reading level.

Additional Program Information

Embedded Credits

(on completion of program)

(on completion of program)

Industry Credential

S/P2 Culinary-Workplace Safety, S/P2 Culinary - Food

Dual Enrollment

Student Organization


What's Next/Employment in Field:

Students may want to pursue, but are not limited to: Culinary school, baker, food inspector, gourmet food production, catering, line cook, teacher, or food blogger.

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