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Culinary Arts ICL100040

Credits: BUHS 12, Sending Schools 3

Duration: Full Year

Grades: 11 & 12

There is joy in the kitchen if you know where to look. Using the National Restaurant Association Pro-Start curriculum, the Culinary Arts Level I program introduces students to a career in food service and restaurant management. The restaurant industry-driven curriculum provides students with real-world practical and foundational restaurant skills. In the context of an on-site professional kitchen and restaurant, topics will include food preparation; recipes and ingredients; front-of-the-house customer service; dining room etiquette; meal and menu planning; professional kitchen equipment use and maintenance; sanitation and hygiene; workplace safety; proper food handling; and workflow. Students will learn about the many culinary related jobs and career pathways as well as 21st-century work skills. Working in teams, students will enhance their professional communication skills.  Students will have the opportunity to earn the nationally recognized Serv-Safe Food Handler certification.  A portion of the class will be devoted to preparing for this exam.  

Prerequisites:  Students will need to have completed the equivalent credits to place them at the 11th grade level upon the time they enter the program. This means students need to have successfully completed a minimum  two years of high school English; two years of high school math including Algebra, two years of Social Studies,  one year of science, physical education and health requirements. Or the permission from the WRCC director to apply. 

Students must have completed at least one core general education high school Math course related to the pathway with a grade of 70 or better before they are eligible to apply for a program/pathway.


WRCC Algebra II - CM007822 (block, semester)
Essentials of Math for College & Careers - CM007824 (block, semester)
Essentials of Math for College & Careers - CM007826 (single period, year-long, filling the block for level 2 students)
Professional English I - CE000215 (block, semester)
Professional English II - CE000217 (block, semester)
Professional English II - CE000218 (single period, year-long, filling the block for level 2 students)


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