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Culinary Arts IICL200040

Credits: BUHS 12, Sending Schools 3

Duration: Full Year

Grades: 12

The Culinary Arts Level II program emphasises marketing, menu management, food safety, cost control, and team building. Students will study and cook with eggs and dairy products, red meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables, and fruits.  Baking skills will be explored through flatbreads, pizza, muffins, southern-style biscuits, cookies, and pies. Concepts in nutrition and building healthy menus will be explored. Plating and garnishing will be practiced by preparing meals for the WRCC Hideaway Restaurant. The class will stress the importance of teamwork and the necessity of kitchen work skills. Students will prepare for and take the Serv-Safe Manager certification exam.  Students will work in the dining room and kitchen of the WRCC Hideaway Restaurant during periodic lunch service.  The WRCC Hideaway Restaurant is where students will use skills gained in the program and the practice needed for an advantage in employment within the hospitality and foodservice professions. 

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Introduction to Culinary Arts with a grade of 75 percent or better, completion of Serv-Safe Food Handler certification prior to enrollment or instructor’s permission. Instructor recommendation.    

Students in Culinary Arts II are encouraged to enroll in either Professional English II (CE000218) or WRCC Algebra II (CM00007823). These courses are year-long and run for a single period daily. Please refer to the English and Mathematics sections below for course descriptions.


WRCC Algebra II - CM007822 (block, semester)
Essentials of Math for College & Careers - CM007824 (block, semester)
Essentials of Math for College & Careers - CM007826 (single period, year-long, filling the block for level 2 students)
Professional English I - CE000215 (block, semester)
Professional English II - CE000217 (block, semester)
Professional English II - CE000218 (single period, year-long, filling the block for level 2 students)


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