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Early Childhood Education IICL200201

Credits: BUHS 12, Sending Schools 3

Duration: Full Year

Grades: 12

In this course students will explore the development of the young child from conception to age eight, first through the lens of the typically developing child and then the child with diverse abilities.  Course content includes: the development of the four learning domains; physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and language and the ways in which these developmental domains can be supported in all learners. Students will understand the importance of observation and assessment and will explore a variety of observation techniques and screening tools. Topics include developmental theories, the history, philosophy, legislation, and recommended practices for supporting children with diverse abilities, family centered practice, early intervention, at risk populations, inclusion, and referrals.  This course will be offered for college credit in Human Growth and    Development and with completion, and one year experience working with groups of young children, make them eligible for work as an assistant teacher in an early childhood education program after graduation.   Students are required to participate in field work at local early childhood education programs.  

NOTE:  Students in Early Childhood Education II are encouraged to enroll in either Professional English II (CE000218) or WRCC Algebra II (CM00007823).  These courses are year-long and run for a single period daily.  Please refer to the English and Mathematics sections for course descriptions.

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Successful completion of Early Childhood I with a grade of 75% or higher. Instructor recommendation.

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