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Film Making/Digital Editing IICCHS1852

Credits: BUHS 12, Sending Schools 3

Duration: Full Year

Students will expand and hone their filmmaking skills by engaging with more challenging projects. Each student will have increased opportunity to work with various professional tools found within the filmmaking industry, such as Steadicams, camera dollys, and jibs. Students will also be offered the opportunity to make a short feature film, and/or web series based upon screenwriting developed in the class. An additional emphasis will also be placed on working with performers and crew.


Film Making & Digital Editing I

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(on completion of program)
Science or Art

Industry Credential

Dual Enrollment

Film Making/Digital Editing, LRCC, 3 credits

Student Organization


What's Next/Employment in Field:

The next step for students completing this program include, but are not limited to: filmmaker, video production, art school, graphic design, marketing, advertising, game designer.

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