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Filmmaking/Digital Editing ICCHS1851

Credits: BUHS 12, Sending Schools 3

Duration: Full Year

Learn how to make your own movies and videos! Whether you’re interested in becoming a filmmaker in Hollywood or in developing your own projects for the web, this course will put you ahead of the competition by teaching you the fundamentals of filmmaking and content creation through nonlinear digital editing, HD camerawork, compositing and using iMacs with a variety of industry standard software including Adobe Creative Cloud. You will explore screenwriting, directing, working with actors, cinematography, lighting, picture and green screen, special FX, and sound editing. Working individually or as teams, you will create various projects designed to introduce you to the fictional narrative, the documentary, and the experimental film.


Initiative, imagination, and creativity, access to transportation during non-school hours (particularly in the spring semester).

Additional Program Information

Embedded Credits

(on completion of program)

(on completion of program)
Science or Art

Industry Credential

Dual Enrollment

Film Making/Digital Editing,
LRCC (3 credits)

Student Organization


What's Next/Employment in Field:

The next step for students completing this program include, but are not
limited to: Filmmaker, video production, art school, graphic design, marketing, advertising, game designer.

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