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Forestry/Natural Resources ICL100016

Credits: BUHS 16, Sending Schools 4

Duration: Full Year

This program will introduce students to various forest management practices and skills involved in natural resource careers. This course will focus on proficiencies in several skills that include: dendrology (tree and leaf identification), map and compass use (orienteering), tractor safety and maintenance, basic welding, chainsaw safety and operation, and an introduction to the Vermont Soils and Land Judging Competition. This course will provide students with the proper vocabulary, understanding, technical knowledge, and physical skills necessary for natural resource careers.  Students will also receive First-Aid, CPR, AED, Northeast Woodland Training (Game of Logging) levels 1 and 2 training.
Applicants should have completed and passed two semesters of Physical Education and be able to control the reactive forces of chainsaws.

Course syllabus:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1loIN4LgCJJtbjG0OauQryuYFjCOlnLbz/view?usp=sharing



Students must have a ninth-grade reading level with some higher level vocabulary. Basic Middle School Math including Fundamentals of Algebra and Geometry.

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