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Forestry/Natural Resources IICL200015

Credits: BUHS 12, Sending Schools 3

Duration: Full Year

This is an outside environmental course that will engage students with hands-on project-based learning activities with opportunities for community service projects, field trips. job shadowing, and cooperative learning experiences. Focus areas will include: subsurface drainage design and construction, sawmill operation, lumber grading, introduction to maple syrup production, skidder safety and operation, timber harvesting, and wildland fire control. Additionally, students will be able to identify indigenous and invasive plants and trees. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the Northeast Woodland Training (Game of Logging) certification program.

Additional Program Information

Embedded Credits

(on completion of program)


Industry Credential

Level I : First-Aid, CPR, AED, GOL-Levels 1-4, Tractor Safety

Dual Enrollment

Student Organization

FFA, SkillsUSA

What's Next/Employment in Field:

Students who successfully complete this program will be prepared for, but
are not limited to: Pursuing post secondary education in a science related field, logging, Fish and Game
Coordinator, forest ranger, arborist, forester.

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