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Geometry in ConstructionC0007269

Credits: BUHS 8, Sending Schools 2

Duration: Full Year

Grades: 10-12

Geometry in Construction is a project-based/lab-based class.  Students will be taught geometry while practicing skills and learning about the opportunities that are available throughout the building and construction industry.  Lessons learned in the geometry classroom can be applied to “real world” building projects in the construction lab.  In this class, you will be concurrently enrolled in Geometry and Construction for the entire course and earn 4 geometry credits and 4 elective credits respectively.  You will learn the same Geometry as students in a semester-long Geometry class.  Students may have the opportunity to practice the math learned on larger construction-related projects.  Students who excel may be eligible to move on the Construction level-1 or possibly Construction level-2.


Algebra I with a minimum grade of 70%

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