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International BusinessCCHS5285

Credits: BUHS 4, Sending Schools 1

Duration: Semester

This course introduces the student to the unique challenges and concepts necessary in today’s global workplace, including cultural and social influences, international trade, and career in the international marketplace.  Travel the world through interactions with local international business leaders.  The experiences and opportunities to learn about business from people who are successful in their own businesses will be memorable and eye-opening.  How did their success happen?  What are the challenges and opportunities in business?  Learn the answers through experiences, not just books.  This is more than a class; it’s an experiential learning opportunity.

Success requires the ability to read at 10th-grade level, basic math skills, strong writing skills, commitment to learning, homework, and assignment deadlines, excellent attendance, ability to interact and communicate professionally with classmates, instructor, and community members.

This course may also be offered for college credit.


Successful completion of two math courses, two+ English courses, enrolled in a foreigh language.



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