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Introduction to Manufacturing and DesignC0001100

Credits: BUHS 4, Sending Schools 1

Duration: Semester

Grades: 9-11

Do you have an innovative spirit, mind open to ideas and possibilities, willingness to stretch beyond preconceived comfort zones, and an understanding that constructive criticism is part of the inventive process? Introduction to Design and Manufacturing is for you.
What does it take for an idea to become a reality? Through small group and independent work, students will delve into interest areas and develop skills using technology, research, and hands-on activities in a workshop setting. Students will look into problems, work on solutions, design and create prototypes, meet with peers, re-design, manufacture, and market a product.
As part of career planning, we will incorporate the basics of cover letters and resumes. Additionally, basic interview skills will be cultivated. Entrepreneurship will also be addressed. Proper use of tools and machinery and safety procedures will be covered. Reading and writing will be required, as well as a level of maturity to respectfully and safely use tools and run machinery.


basic math, measurement and fractions.
Reading level: grade 8

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