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Marketing, Sales & ServiceC0001007

Credits: BUHS 8, Sending Schools 2

Duration: Full Year

Want to go to college with valuable skills?  Want to learn basic business essentials?  Want to go into the workplace with the skills to sell?  Want success?  Come get it!  Learn many “best practices” businesses look for when selecting employees.  All skills taught will also help you achieve success in college and prove useful throughout life.  No matter what your future holds, having some business skills will enhance your ability to communicate and interact professionally, manage time and tasks, efficiently operate tools and equipment used in business offices/environments.  Learning and working in a simulated business environment, this course covers topics and trends in communication styles and techniques, writing and formatting a variety of professional documents including a resume, develop writing skills; activities to develop leadership, teamwork, decision making, priority setting, time management, plus learn business equipment, procedures, and techniques.  It’s fun, it’s project driven, it’s interactive, and it’s a challenge.  What you learn, you are guaranteed to use in your future, no matter what your career path!

Success requires maturity; ability to manage time in and out of class to complete class readings, research, writing assignments; ability to interact with classmates, the instructor, and the community.

Access to the internet is necessary to successfully complete assignments outside of class.



Algebra I, English 10


At least one other business class or permission of the instructor.

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