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Medical TerminologyCCHS7301

Credits: BUHS 4, Sending Schools 1

Duration: Semester

This course is for the student interested in the field of medicine or human services. The curriculum will focus on the meaning and pronunciation of medical terms, including prefixes, suffixes, root words, and medical abbreviations. In this course you will be guided along a path of vocabulary development that is interesting, enjoyable and prepares you to communicate in the field of medicine. A variety of classroom learning activities will allow you to practice and to grow confident in your use of medical terminology.

Eligible students seeking an additional challenge may opt to take a final exam for Medical Terminology in order to receive college credit from the Community College of Vermont.

This course can be taken for college credit through CCV.  Please note:  Students must pass the final exam with a specified grade or higher in order to receive college credit.  Those students who register for college credit but do not pass the final exam will receive a failing grade on their CCV transcript.

Course syllabus:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FxGPNe7T2mHolhOQjZN5PYfecHoEDrlS/view?usp=sharing


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