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Medical TerminologyCCHS7301

Credits: BUHS 4, Sending Schools 1

Duration: Semester

Grades: 11-12

This dual enrollment course is for students interested in the field of medicine or human services.  Curriculum will focus on learning the word parts, meaning and pronunciation of medical terms.  Students will use chapter readings, research skills and foundational English skills to recognize common prefixes, suffixes, root words, and medical abbreviations for each body system.  This course will prepare students to effectively communicate with professionals in the field of health care.  A variety of classroom learning activities will reinforce reading and allow students to practice and memorize word parts to meet the essential course objectives.  This is a fast-paced course requiring reading, memorization, practice and effort outside of class time.  Students will explore numerous health care careers, complete project-based assignments fostering growth in confidence in their use of medical terminology.

Course syllabus:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FxGPNe7T2mHolhOQjZN5PYfecHoEDrlS/view?usp=sharing


Human Body Systems taken prior to or in conjunction with Medical Terminology, and second year English with a minimum of a grade of 75%, or permission of instructor/faculty. This course can be taken for college credit through CCV.

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