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Performing Arts-Acting (Offered 2019-2020)C0004635

Credits: BUHS 8, Sending Schools 2

Duration: Full Year

Grades: 11-12*

This is a performance-based program for students who wish to learn about acting and theatre-related professions.  No previous acting experience is required, however, students should be eager to take creative risks and to receive critical feedback on their work.  Active daily participation is required.  Students will learn how to interpret text and to develop believable characters.  Units include auditioning, acting for the camera, commercial work, makeup, and different acting styles including classical Greek, Shakespearean, and high comedy.  Because this course may qualify as English III or English IV for some students, rigorous academic work is included in the curriculum.  Students write eight major essays, a research paper, frequent short reviews, an actor’s journal, and they prepare an actors’ professional portfolio.  Note:  this course is offered every other year on a rotating basis with Performing Arts – Directing.

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