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Performing Arts-ActingC0004635

Credits: BUHS 8, Sending Schools 2

Duration: Full Year

This is a performance-oriented program for students who wish to learn more about acting and the theatre profession. No previous acting experience is required, but students must be willing to take risks and criticism as part of the creative process. Students will learn how to interpret text and develop believable characters. The course will also include units in auditioning, directing, stagecraft, and theatre history. Students are required to attend a variety of off-site productions and field-based learning experiences. Note: this course is offered every other year on a rotating basis with Performing Arts-Directing. Four of these credits may be used as English credits.

Notes: English III or English IV credit provided English II has been previously completed.  *Open to sophomores in Visual & Performing Arts Academy

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What's Next/Employment in Field:

Students who complete this program may consider, but are not limited to:
School of Performing Arts, directing, teaching, public broadcasting, talent liaison, television, activity director for
performing arts.

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