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Performing Arts CareersC0004664

Credits: BUHS 4, Sending Schools 1

Duration: Full Year

Grades: 11-12

This class explores career pathways in theater, dance, circus and other performing arts.  This course studies how to build a successful career in the performing arts and related fields.  Students will learn how to translate performing art skill and talent into a lucrative, meaningful career.  Students will explore the various fields in the performing arts such as theatre technician, rigger, lighting design, makeup and costume design, business management, marketing and promotion, education, non-profit organizations, writing, directing, stage management and others.  Students will learn about certifications, internships and colleges that will enhance their resume and prepare them for the workforce.  Students will complete 3 auditions, program internship or job applications, and/or business plans as part of the academic component of this course.


Performing Arts 2

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