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Performing Arts-CircusC0007115

Credits: BUHS 4, Sending Schools 1

Duration: Semester

Circus arts is a physical and academic course. This course offers a foundation and progressions in circus arts subjects including aerial fabric, trapeze, juggling and manipulation, theatre, dance, clowning, acrobatics, partner acrobatics, act creation, rigging, make up design and costuming. Academics will include circus history, contemporary circus and traditional circus performance. No previous performance experience is necessary; all students progress at their own level throughout the course. The final project will be a performance at which each student will perform group and individual acts at their own level. Note that students may request this course more than once during their high school career, but those students requesting it for the first time will be prioritized if requests exceed space in the class.

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Performing Arts Circus: Physical Education

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School of Performing Arts, teacher, circus troupe

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