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Personal FinanceC0005255

Credits: BUHS 4, Sending Schools 1

Duration: Semester

Grades: 9-12

This personal finance course will present information and activities needed for understanding and making wise financial decisions.  Students will be exposed to the curriculum of Dave Ramsey, Next Gen Personal Finance, and the Jump$tart Coalition, as well as meeting with local community speakers who will provide support and advice for building a strong financial future.  Students will learn basic money management techniques including saving options, borrowing and lending tips, budgeting, taxation, insurance, and banking.  Discussions will include how personal behaviors can impact decision making and spending.  Students are expected to develop and demonstrate business protocols and conform to business environment expectations.  From getting a job through retirement, students are exposed to money language, skills, and activities that reinforce what is expected of them in their future.


Successful completion of math courses to date.

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