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WRCC Algebra IICM007822

Credits: BUHS 4, Sending Schools 1

Duration: Semester

Grades: 11-12 (current or completion track students)

This course helps diverse learners’ master algebraic and geometric concepts that are essential for success in today’s high-tech workplace.  Students will be engaged in mathematics comparable to rigorous Algebra 2 concepts.

Career Center Level II students are encouraged to select one of the following year-long, period-length classes:

Professional English II # CE000218 Credits: BUHS 4  Sending Schools 1                               Open to Grades: 11-12 Single period, year long

This course is the second course in WRCC’s English sequence. This course will expand on skills from Professional English I and will further develop professional communications and writing for students’ future careers or colleges. Students will learn advanced workplace English skills and how to utilize language in their workplace or post-secondary studies. Some of the topics, skills, and ideas that may be covered include developing memos, professional emails, proposals, feasibility reports, project management, business plans, budgeting, portfolio development, professional website design, contracts, and cultural competence. 

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Professional English I or a comparable junior-level English course per instructor and director approval.

Essential Math for College & Careers #CM007826 Credits:  BUHS 4 Sending Schools 1
Open to grades:  11-12 (current or completion track students)    Semester

This course is designed to allow students to achieve college and career readiness before leaving high school.  EMC2 is a project-tasked class intended to improve student proficiency in critical math content and practices.  Essential concepts, such as quantitative reasoning, inequalities, functions, and data analysis are discovered through student-led tasks, rather than simply memorizing algorithms.  The Vermont State College System (VSCS) has agreed that successful completion of this course will qualify students to enroll in credit bearing college math at any VSCS school.

Prerequisite:  Grade of 70 or higher in Algebra 2 or teacher recommendation


Grade of 70 or higher in Algebra 1, Geometry in Construction/Geometry, or Teacher Recommendation.

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