05 Dec

For nineteen years, Project Feed the Thousands has been helping to raise money and collect items for local food banks. It’s a statewide project that helps over 10,000 people get food each year. This is the largest annual food drive in southeastern Vermont and southwestern New Hampshire. Every year, The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapter at the Windham Regional Career Center (WRCC) and the student council co-host Project Feed the Thousands at the high school.

This year, we’re trying to collect 2012 items. So far, students have brought in about 1000 items and close to $250 in donations. Project Feed, as we call it at the high school, runs from a little bit before Thanksgiving to about a week before Christmas. The final date you are able to bring in food is December 31. To help, you can go to your local food bank and donate items there. You can also check out Project Feed the Thousand‘s official website, find where your local food bank is and donate money.

There are multiple collection boxes in both the high school and the Career Center building. If you have a child who attends Brattleboro Union High School you can send items such as canned goods, pastas, cereals, personal care items, or any other non-perishable good to school with them. You can also send money for the collection jars at both locations. Any amount makes a difference, whether it’s ten cents, one dollar or five dollars; every little bit counts!

The community goal this year is $100,000 in cash and about 25 tractor trailers full of food; that’s about 63,000 bags of food and personal care items. Project Feed the Thousands helps the community, but can’t succeed without your help and support. So in this season of giving, give something to your community!

WRCC student and FBLA Vice-President of Social Media

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