PSAT testing is on Saturday, October 14th, 2023. This test prepares students to take the SAT test.


Ben is a Junior in the Manufacturing program at the Windham Regional Career Center. Some of the aspects of the center that he particularly appreciates are the hands-on learning available to him coupled with the adaptive curriculum built into the manufacturing program. This has proven to be beneficial to him in that it has stretched him to explore new ways of working through a project or idea with an increased desire to understand how things work.

Through his involvement at the center, Ben has come to greatly appreciate the instructors who are, in his words, “passionate, collaborative and inspiring”. Ben has always found them to be open to new ideas and encouraging the students to step out of the box when problem solving a project.

Another benefit of being at the Career Center is the networking opportunities to meet with industry leaders in the workforce, gaining credentials and certifications that will help in further job opportunities, and growing in his ability to communicate with others in a more professional manner.

To anyone thinking about getting involved with the Career Center Ben would say, “Visit a program, talk to the instructors and ask questions”. His final words of advice would be, “You will get out of the program what you put into it”.