Eastman/Criminal Justice

A strong component of the Windham Regional Career Center is hands-on learning. This has held true for Criminal Justice junior Brayden Eastman. His involvement in the program has been a confirmation for him the “Criminal Justice is the route I want to take”. His particular interest is in the area of Fish and Game where he wants to become a Game Warden.

The program instructor, Orlando Alvarez, has been very proactive in bringing in people who are doing the job; police officers, game wardens, military police and even those involved in forensic science to speak to the students about the various aspects of criminal justice. This has helped Brayden to focus his interests in the direction of Fish and Game, something that already lines up with his personal interests and hobbies.

Brayden feels his potential for future employment is strong as a result of his time spent at WRCC.

If you are sitting on the fence about your potential involvement at the career center, Brayden would say, “Just go for it! You’ll be glad you did!”.