A tour of the Windham Regional Career Center and meeting the leader of the electrical program is what drew Cooper, a senior, to the center. The enthusiasm of Bill Sevigny, the instructor, convinced Cooper that this is where he belonged. This has proven to be a good decision in that his involvement at the center has led him to, in his own words, “The best year of school I have ever had”.

The strong emphasis on hands-on-learning has been a format that has caused Cooper to flourish in the program and has set him on a career path that he had not previously envisioned for himself. His time at WRCC has “solidified the fact that I want to be involved in the field of electricity”.

Positive aspects of the experience include interaction with the other students while working on various electrical projects and the opportunity to meet many electricians who have visited the center to share all that is happening in the industry. This has led Cooper to a particular interest in the field of solar electricity.

To those who may be thinking about the career center Cooper’s advice would be, “Go for it! You will have a better, happier outlook on life”.