Welcome back!  9th Gr. orientation 8/30/22, All students return 8/31/22.


I was drawn to the Career Center Construction program for the chance to gain training and education that takes a different approach from my high school classes. I struggled in traditional classes and I have found in my Career Center program that I can learn better due to a different pace and new way of learning. I do more than just sit in a classroom and have been trained to think critically. I returned to the Construction program after graduating from high school in June and continue to change and grow.

I know I want to pursue this career for the rest of my life. My teacher, Mr. DiMatteo, has been a mentor and role model for hard work. I now have a strong work ethic and a mindset that tells me a long day’s work is something to be proud of. My advice to a younger student is to try the Career Center because they will be surprised by how interesting things can be if given time and experience.