Welcome back!  9th Gr. orientation 8/30/22, All students return 8/31/22.


During my freshman year I remember reading a flyer which said “sign up for Human Body Systems” From that flyer on, I have made it a priority to enroll in all of the excellent health classes offered through the Career Center. I have learned a great deal about myself and continue to learn. I owe much of my growth to the Career Center and the lovely staff who are the building blocks for the organization. I have learned that I am both a tactile learner and one who prefers to take rigorous notes. My goals over time have remained the same, however my love for medicine specifically is ever growing.

The best part of being a student in the Career Center is being with its other students. An average person on the street may not be as taken away by the complexities of the lymphatic system, but my fellow peers are more willing to dive into these medical topics that I love to learn about. My fellow students are determined and their grit and love for medicine has created an enthusiastic, supportive environment. As a result of my education, I enrolled in a summer Emergency Medical Technicians course. With the certification and my background I am one step closer to my goals becoming a reality. My hours of hard work has given me a deep understanding of the world of medicine as well as myself.