04 Oct

WRCC Student-Built House, ConstructionIt’s a new school year, and that means new projects (and some old ones). This year, Construction Trades classes have their work drawn out for them, in a blueprint for a modular home. Before they start measuring, cutting, and constructing, however, they are putting the final elements into the student-built house.

At last, “The House” is tantalizingly close to being finished. Mr. Simeon’s advanced class is wrapping up the final projects, like adding baseboard and installing drywall in the garage. With the end of construction coming close, this entirely student-built house is now on the market, and there will be some new neighbors on Fairground Road soon.

WRCC Construction student cuts baseboard

Putting on baseboard at WRCC Student-built House

Students cut and install baseboard at the student-built house.

Once the House under their construction belts, it’s “saws away!” on the modular home. A modular home is one that is built in several separate units at a remote facility (WRCC in this case), and then assembled at the construction site. WRCC’s will be built in two parts, each one large enough to take over almost the entire Construction Trades work bay, talk about a tight squeeze!

Blueprints for WRCC student-built modular home

Mr. Simeon shows how the home will be built in sections.

Mr. Simeon’s Building & Framing and Utilities & Finish classes are taking on the project, and for them, an indoor workspace is quite a luxury since they’ll be able to work on it without freezing their fingers in the winter.

Intro to Construction ProjectMeanwhile, students just getting accustomed to the workshop in Intro to Construction Trades are learning to work with power and hand tools with projects like this one: making a wood cut-out of their name.

Stay tuned for more updates from Construction Trades, they’ve got a BIG year ahead!


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