03 Dec

We all know that the Windham Regional Career Center does its best to prepare students for the real world.  Many students continue climbing the ladder into a career once they have finished their time at the Career Center, and at this year’s Women Can Do conference students took an opportunity to literally climb the ladder. On October 11, twenty-one female students from Brattleboro Union High School attended at the conference.

Now in its 13th year the Women Can Do conference manages to serve up to 400 teachers and students from over 60 schools each year. The conference is held annually at the Vermont Technical College in Randolph, Vermont.  Most of the workshops that take place throughout the day focus on careers in trades and technology as well as a few others.  The goal of the Women Can Do conference is to expose the girls to all of the career options that they have available to them through non-traditional programs.  Most of the workshops are run by women who are professionals in their fields, and involve everything from designing a web-page to investigating a crime scene.

WRCC students Lou-Lou Terwilliger and Heather Privee (pictured above) are looking tough after completing their fire services workshop.

Every year many students, freshman to senior, comment on the great experiences that they have had through the conference. Those that are soon to graduate reflect on their 4 years participating, while younger students still get to look forward to their next chance to participate.  Every year the conference organizers make sure to listen to feedback from both students and chaperones into the planning of the next year’s conference.

“I always come back pretty impressed by the enthusiasm and positive attitude expressed by all the girls whether it’s their first time or fourth,”  said WRCC Career Counselor Anne Doran.

Theresa Glabach cheers on Skyla Harvey as she busts a pile of rocks with a sledge hammer.

Watch Heather push herself to new heights at this year’s Women Can Do Conference.

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