09 Jul

My name is Noah Simeon and I have taken multiple classes at the Windham Regional Career Center, such as Architecture, English, Math, Electronics, Digital Electronics, and all of the automotive classes. In English, our final exam was a senior project that we started at the beginning of the year. I decided my senior project was going to be about building something that can show my passion for cars/motorcycles and that shows my creative side.

I researched projects and one that stood out to me was an end table made out of car and motorcycle parts, so I decided to try to recreate that project. This project connects to the Career Center because I learned all the skills I needed to make this project at WRCC. I took the Automotive class and learned a lot about cars and skills like welding. I even took classes at the Career Center outside of school to get certified in OBDII Diagnostics, Engine Management, and Wiring Fault Diagnostics.

Noah with table made from car parts

My plan for the project was to take a car rim and use it as the base of the project. Next, I was going to use a metal pole to hold up the top of the table but later on in the project I found a car strut that would look better. On top of the strut I decided I was going to put a motorcycle gas tank. Lastly, I planned to attach a glass table top, on top of the tank. No one at the Career Center had a metal tank, so I looked around to see if anyone would donate one. Fortunately, Josh Steele, the owner of Vintage Steele in Brattleboro, told me I could come over anytime and pick out a tank so I went over to the shop and found one that worked perfectly!

This project is evidence that kids at the Windham Regional Career Center learn a lot of new hands-on skills. When people see our projects I hope they see that we are skilled at what we do because of the classes we attended. When parents and students see the work I expect they will want their kids and friends to go to the WRCC so they can learn great skills too. Attending the WRCC was a great experience and I highly recommend classes here. The teachers are great and always ready to help you in any way.

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