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The Vermont Foodbank
School Food Pantry Program is here at the Windham Regional Career Center!

If your children attend any of the following schools,
come and pick up fresh produce every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month from 10:00-11:00
Oak Grove Elementary School, Green Street Elementary School, Academy Elementary School, Brattleboro Area Middle School, Brattleboro Union High School, Central, Windham Regional Career Center, Vernon Elementary School, Putney Central School, Dummerston School, Guilford Central School
All families of WSESU School Children are welcome.

May Student of the Month

May Student of the Month

Jeremy Lackey, an 11th grader from Brattleboro, has been named the Windham Regional Career Center's May 2016 student of the month.

It was Sam Rowley, Jeremy's Horticulture and Landscaping instructor, who recommended him for this honor. Mr. Rowley has been impressed with Jeremy in a number of areas, "Jeremy has a good rapport with both his teachers and fellow students. He's always willing to help others and to take on new, challenging projects for himself. He works as independently as he can while he works hard to gain new skills.

Jeremy shared, "I've loved my Career Center's courses because they're hands on and I learn much easier that way." As a result, he's taken good advantage of Career Center offerings. Since enrolling as a freshman at Brattleboro Union High School, his Career Center coursework has included Skill, Maintenance & Repair Technology; Geometry in Construction; Career & College Readiness; Technical Math IV: Technical & Professional English III, Landscape Contracting; Introduction to Horticulture; and Introduction to Automotive Repair & Technology. He has, additionally, gained direct work experience in the automotive field through a community based learning program at the high school. He is scheduled next year to take the Career Center's advanced automotive courses: Automotive Sub Systems and Automotive Electrical Systems.

Jeremy plans to pursue further education in the automotive field, perhaps at Ohio Technical College, when he graduates next year. He credits his Career Center coursework, his experience working at a local garage, and all that he's learned from his father regarding automotive repair, as the motivators in helping him to reach this decision.

His teachers at the Career Center don't doubt that he'll achieve the goals he's set for himself.

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