Program Description

Automotive Technology focuses on educating students in all aspects of automotive maintenance and repair. The program provides an on-site automotive learning center called the LAB (Learning Automotive Basics). The LAB has an adjoining classroom fully equipped with current technology and equipment. Students gain exposure to all types of vehicles and repair techniques, providing them with skills and experiences to successfully transition into careers in the automotive industry. Throughout the entire pathway, there will continue to be a strong emphasis on safety, professionalism, teamwork, work ethic, critical thinking, accountability in the workplace, and the importance of setting high standards regarding vehicle repair. The course aims to prepare students for real-life situations and create a strong foundation of skills and knowledge that skilled employees in the automotive industry need.

Level I

Auto I is designed to teach students the fundamental theories and concepts of today's passenger vehicles. This course is the first of two to complete the automotive learning pathway. During class, students will have classroom discussions and conversations about theory. They will learn to use Motor Logic and Electude programs as learning tools while implementing what they learned during LAB. In addition, in LAB, students will learn safety, tool use, and lift operation. Students will also learn the fundamentals of auto technology, steering and suspension, brakes, multipoint inspection, oil change, new vehicle preparation, tire change and balancing process, and alignment service. At the end of the first year, students will have the basic knowledge to be able to enter the auto industry as an entry-level technician.

Level II

Auto II is designed to provide the second part of the automotive service and repair process. During class, students will have classroom discussions and conversations about theory. They will learn to use Motor Logic and Electude programs as learning tools while implementing what they learned during LAB. Students will understand the components of a vehicle engine, which include the combustion process, design and repair, performance, emissions, and the theory and method of On-Board Diagnostics (OBD II). In addition, students will also learn about light vehicle diesel concepts, electronics, wiring, and electrical drive vehicles, also known as EV vehicles. As these areas are covered, there will be online assignments, classroom discussions, and LAB lessons featuring live vehicles, ordering parts, and speaking with customers.

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Clubs and Activities

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Industry Recognized Credentials

S/P2 Mechanical Repair Safety
S/P2 Mechanical Pollution Prevention
S/P2 Automotive Service Safety
S/P2 Automotive Service Pollution
S/P2 Pollution Prevention
Lifting It Right
ASE Student Certifications:
Maintenance & Light Repair
Suspension & Steering
Automobile Service Tech.
Engine Performance
Engine Repair
Heating & Air Cond.
Drivetrain & Axles
Valvoline Certified Technician

Your Instructor

Jason Goldsmith

I am a former Brattleboro Union High School graduate from the class of 1990. In 1996, I successfully completed the automotive technology course at Baran Institute of Technology, now known as Lincoln Tech. With over fifteen years of experience as a factory-trained Volkswagen technician, I have worked at VW dealerships in Western Massachusetts and played a key role in the opening of the VW dealership in Keene in the fall of 2000.

My background also includes valuable experience in independent auto repair shops, and I have successfully operated my own business from home over the years. In addition to my professional pursuits, I enjoy engaging in recreational activities. In the winter, I indulge in snowboarding and snowshoeing, while the summer months find me kayaking and bike riding with my wife and daughter.

I am enthusiastic about the prospect of teaching and sharing my wealth of experiences with the students who enroll in my class. Whether pursued for general knowledge or as a career path, automotive is a highly rewarding trade to learn. I look forward to contributing to the growth and development of the students in my class.