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Program Description

Automotive Technology focuses on educating students in all aspects of automotive repair and maintenance. The program provides an on-site automotive service center, fully equipped with the current technology and equipment, along with an adjoining classroom. Students gain exposure to all types of vehicles and repair situations, providing them with the skills and experiences needed to successfully transition into careers in the automotive industry.

Level I

Automotive Technology I is designed to provide students the basic theories and concepts of today’s passenger vehicles. This is the first of two courses to complete the automotive pathway. Students will share classroom and lab time while learning safety, tool use, the systems of an automobile, vehicle identification numbers, automotive physics, body designs, engine configurations, the four stroke engine process, engine components, mounting and balancing tires, reading tire information, identifying tire wear patterns, vehicle scheduled maintenance and the procedures for performing oil changes and vehicle safety checks. Throughout the entire pathway, there is a strong emphasis on teamwork, work ethic, critical thinking skill development, and accountability in the workplace, as well as safety, professionalism, and very high standards of vehicle repairs. The goal is to prepare students for real life situations and to create a strong foundation of skills and knowledge needed by a highly skilled employee in the automotive industry.

Level II

Automotive Technology II is designed to provide students a more advanced concept of the diagnosis and repair of today’s passenger vehicles. This course is the second of two courses to complete the automotive pathway. Upon completion of this program, students will have had the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to enter a post-secondary technical school or move into the workforce as an entry-level technician. Students in this course will utilize both classroom and lab time while learning about steering and suspension, brake systems, engine repair, engine performance, heating, and air conditioning, and electrical and electronic systems. Students will be working in a live shop setting, diagnosing and repairing customer vehicles, ordering parts, and talking with customers.

Throughout the entire pathway, there will continue to be a strong emphasis on safety, professionalism, teamwork, work ethic, critical thinking, accountability in the workplace, and the importance of setting high standards regarding vehicle repair. The goal of the course is to prepare students for real life situations and to create a strong foundation of skills and knowledge needed by skilled employees in the automotive industry.

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Clubs and Activities

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Industry Recognized Credentials

S/P2 Mechanical Repair Safety
S/P2 Mechanical Pollution Prevention
S/P2 Automotive Service Safety
S/P2 Automotive Service Pollution
S/P2 Pollution Prevention
Lifting It Right
ASE Student Certifications:
Maintenance & Light Repair
Suspension & Steering
Automobile Service Tech.
Engine Performance
Engine Repair
Heating & Air Cond.
Drivetrain & Axles
Valvoline Certified Technician

Your Instructor

James Valliere

I first started repairing vehicles around 25 years ago. Since I started, I have worked for independent shops, municipalities, a couple local dealerships and also co-own a custom vehicle fabrication shop. I have built race cars, heavy equipment and hot rods. I received the Mechanic of the Year Award at our local race track and I enjoy building and customizing older vehicles.

I got into teaching because I reached a point where I felt it was important for me to pass my knowledge on to the next couple generations of automotive technicians. I have been teaching here at WRCC since 2010 and it was the best career change I could have made. I really enjoy the people I work with and I am blessed to be able to cross paths with many amazing young adults.