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Program Description

Health Careers at the Windham Regional Career Center introduces students to a variety of medical, biomedical, and healthcare occupations. Due to the program’s multiple pathways, students are prepared to either pursue healthcare work after high school graduation or continue on to additional education at the college level. Many students choose to do both: working part-time in the field while attending college, often with financial help from their employer. Students are encouraged to participate in both the BUHS/WRCC STEM Academy and HOSA, a national organization for students pursuing careers in healthcare.

Level I

This course includes an introduction to the many career opportunities in the healthcare and biomedical sciences fields and the introductory skills needed to pursue employment after graduation or continue on to college level learning. Topics include human biology and medical terminology. This course includes the option of 2 dual enrollment courses: Medical Terminology and Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology.

Prerequisite: Students will need to have completed the equivalent credits to place them at the 11th grade level upon the time they enter the program. This means students need to have successfully completed a minimum two years of high school English; two years of high school math including Algebra, two years of Social Studies, one year of science, physical education and health requirements. Or the permission from the WRCC director to apply.

Students must have completed at least one core general education high school Science course related to the pathway with a grade of 70 or better before they are eligible to apply for a program/pathway.

Students enrolling in this program should have completed Algebra I and Biology with a grade of 75 or better.

This course may also be offered for college credit. See Dual Enrollment Courses below.

Level II

This course provides students continued instruction in the biomedical sciences including human growth and development, as well as the option to earn a Vermont state licence as a nursing assistant (LNA). Successful students earning their LNA will be eligible for employment as soon as licensure is obtained.

This program provides students a pathway to employment right after high school as well as a pathway to a college major in health careers. Many students actually choose to do both: employment right after graduation while attending college part-time.

The prerequisites for the 2021-2022 school year include successful completion of Biology or Human Body Systems with a grade of 75 or better..

This course may also be offered for college credit. See Dual Enrollment Courses below.

This pathway provides college level Anatomy & Physiology 1.

This course is rigorous and geared toward students who are planning to pursue a post-secondary degree in a medical field or biomedical engineering.

Prerequisites for the 2021-2022 school year students will need to have completed either Medical Terminology, Biology or Human Body Systems, and Chemistry with grades of 85 or better.
This course may also be offered for college credit. See Dual Enrollment Courses below.

Students in Health Careers II are encouraged to enroll in either Professional English II (CE000218) or Essential Math for College and Careers (CM00007826). These courses are year-long and run for a single period daily. Please refer to the English and Mathematics sections below for course descriptions.

Clubs and Activities


Future Health Professionals, formerly known as Health Occupations Students of America, is an international career and technical student organization endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Technology Education Division of ACTE.

Industry Recognized Credentials

Basic Life Support
Bloodborne Pathogens

Your Instructor

Jean Hodsden

I am in my first year of teaching at WRCC. I have been a nurse since 1988 when I graduated from Boston College. Most of that time I have been a school nurse in the elementary and middle grades. I am honored to be able to encourage and teach the next generation of health care workers.

Your Instructor

Becky Steele

As a nurse for over twenty-five years, I have long enjoyed helping other people gain an interest in becoming healthcare professionals. I have a Master's of Science in Nursing and have taught in the nursing program at Vermont Technical College for the past 10 years along with serving as VTC's Southeast Region Site Director. I love nursing and I enjoy teaching any healthcare related topics. Teaching at WRCC in the Health Sciences Program is a perfect fit for me.