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May Student of the Month

May Student of the Month

Kai Boyd has been named the Windham Regional Career Center's latest student of the month.

Kai is a resident of Wilmington and has been attending Brattleboro Union High School since her freshman year. She is in the 11th grade this year.

Kai is a high honors student at the high school as well as at the Career Center, where she's been taking coursework in their STEM program (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). The high school and career center share a campus in Brattleboro, which has made it easy for Kai to experience coursework at both schools.

As a freshman, Kai took Introduction to Engineering Design as well as Principles of Engineering at the Career Center. Last year, she took both Computer Integrated Manufacturing I and Computer Integrated Manufacturing II, and she is currently enrolled in Electronics and Speaker Building. Three of these courses provided Kai with a total of 9 college credits through the school's dual enrollment program. Her Career Center courses have also served to complement and enhance many of her high school courses, including Accelerated Pre-Calculus and Chemistry, by providing her with good, hands-on learning applications.

David Hotin is her Career Center teacher this year and is the individual who recommended her for the Student of the Month honor. He expressed that Kai has been an exceptional student, both in terms of her skill attainment and the assets she brings to the classroom and to her fellow students. He particularly noted her integrity, self-management, and honesty, as well as the empathy she exhibits when interacting with others in the program. Hotin added, "Kai pushes herself ahead of the class by doing her own research on new topics."

Kai shared that her Career Center courses have helped her to "learn about engineering, since I'd never been exposed to it before. These courses have given me good in-depth learning and experience."

Kai plans to attend college once she graduates next year and hopes to major in mechanical engineering, with a focus on robotics.