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WRCC’s 1st Annual Sled Race

Sled Race

WRCC held its 1st annual sled race on December 13th. This event utilized student's skills in creation, teamwork, and engineering while applying physics principles involved in racing. Materials used to build the sleds were cardboard, duct tape and wax. Everyone had a blast! Congratulations to Alex Baker, sled driver of the fastest sled. Sled race elves were Jacob Gouger and Nick Aiken. #ctevt #wrccvt

February is CTE Month


Did you know -
*CTE has 16 career clusters
*95% of CTE students graduate high school,
which is 10% higher than the national average
*The United States has 1,200 career and
technology centers in 41 states
*1/3 of CTE students are enrolled in
programs preparing them for careers in
leading industries
*1/3 of all high school dual enrollment
credits come from CTE courses
*45% of CTE students say it used real-world
examples to help them understand
*22 of the 20 fastest-growing jobs are in the
health care field
*The Perkins Act is the main source of
funding for CTE programs nationwide