Program Description

Embark on a transformative journey in business with the Business Management and Entrepreneurship Program. This two-year comprehensive program is tailored to instill in students the essential skills for effective leadership, team management, and entrepreneurial endeavors. The curriculum covers a spectrum of subjects, including management, finance, marketing and leadership skills, hospitality and entertainment management, computer applications, communication skills, career exploration, resumes and job interviews, personal finance, team building, business operations, business law, organizational behavior, and more. The program is designed to provide a well-rounded skill set that can be applied to various professional business scenarios.

Hands-on learning experiences, such as individual and group projects, guest lectures, work-based learning opportunities, and field visits, offer practical insights to sharpen business skills. What sets this program apart is its commitment to academic excellence by providing dual enrollment college credits, allowing students to simultaneously progress in their collegiate education. Upon completing the Business Management and Entrepreneurship Program, graduates are poised to enter the workforce directly or pursue higher education as business majors. The program imparts knowledge and empowers students to navigate diverse professional landscapes confidently. Seize the opportunity to shape your future; enroll in the Business Management and Entrepreneurship Program and set the stage for success.

Level I

Get ready to dive into the exciting business world with Business Management 1*, your gateway to understanding the processes and activities that make businesses successful. This course is all about giving you a taste of the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the business world. Discover the core content that applies to every aspect of business, and see how it comes to life with practical management theory applications. We'll explore the fundamental management functions – planning, organizing, leading, and controlling – from different perspectives, showing you what it takes to make things run smoothly.

But it's not just theory! This hands-on course focuses on key skills that will set you up for success. From mastering communication in all its forms (oral, written, non-verbal, and listening) to becoming a pro at problem-solving, teamwork, decision-making, conflict resolution, and critical analysis, you'll build a toolkit of skills businesses value. Our goals? To help you acquire a solid business and human resources management foundation, understand the ins and outs of information management and organizational practices, and apply ethical business practices for a smooth operation. Get ready to embrace technology – we'll show you how to use information technology tools to manage tasks effectively.

But here's the fun part: you'll have the chance to flex your creative muscles by creating and writing a full business plan. Picture this – you'll be crafting a business plan for a food truck, putting all your skills to the test in a real-world scenario. So, if you're ready for an exciting journey into the business world, join us for Introduction to Business and Principles of Management. Get ready to explore, learn, and unleash your inner business guru!

Level II

Embark on an exploration of Business Management 2 and Marketing and Entrepreneurship designed just for you! Get ready to uncover the secrets behind successful businesses and learn how to navigate the exciting management world. In this course, we break down the complexities of business into bite-sized, engaging lessons that teach you the basics and how to apply them in real life. From understanding how businesses function to discovering the ins and outs of management theory, this course is your ticket to gaining knowledge and practical skills.

Delve into the exciting side of business as we explore fundamental management functions like planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, giving you a sneak peek into what it takes to run a successful operation. The best part? We make it easy to understand by looking at things from different angles. But it's not just about textbooks and lectures! You'll also be able to roll up your sleeves and dive into hands-on activities. Learn how to make ethical decisions that keep a business running smoothly, discover the power of technology in managing tasks, and gain insights into the skills you'll need for a super successful future.

And that's not all! We'll unravel the fascinating world of marketing principles, teaching you the art of promoting products and ideas. Learn how businesses create and communicate value to customers, explore the psychology behind consumer behavior, and discover the strategies that make products and services stand out. From catchy slogans to eye-catching advertisements, you'll get hands-on experience crafting your marketing magic.

If you're ready to unlock business secrets, make ethical choices, and become a tech-savvy leader, join us on this exciting adventure in Business Management and Marketing designed just for high school students like you. Get ready to rock the business world!" Join us in this exciting educational journey, where theoretical concepts seamlessly align with real-world applications, setting the stage for your ascent in the ever-evolving business landscape. Elevate your understanding, sharpen your skills, and embark on a path toward becoming a visionary Business Management and Marketing leader.

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Clubs and Activities

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

FBLA-PBL inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.

Industry Recognized Credentials

Stukent-Social Media Mktg. Simulation
Quickbooks Online Certification-Quickbooks Online Accounting
Google for Education Applied Digital Skill
Link & Learn Taxes-Basic-IRS
Microsoft Office Specialist-Word, Powerpoint

Your Instructor

Linda Alvarez

With a dynamic blend of academic accomplishments and real-world business experience, my career has been a journey of continuous growth and diverse achievements. Holding a BA in History from the University of Florida, I recently completed my MBA in Marketing and Communications from Fitchburg State University. This milestone underscores my dedication to lifelong learning. I was honored by the Brattleboro Community and the Reformer as the 2022 Remarkable Woman for Entrepreneurship. My entrepreneurial spirit is evidenced by the successful ownership, operation, and sale of two successful restaurants, including earning the title of Best Cafe in Florida in 2000 by Florida Trend Magazine. My commitment to community and education is demonstrated through my role as a founding member of the Windham Grows a Food Small Business Accelerator, my involvement in the Restaurant Apprenticeship program, and a significant 18-year tenure in teaching at both high school and middle school level. As I embark on a new chapter as a Business Instructor at the Windham Regional Career Center, I am thrilled to bring this rich tapestry of experiences to inspire and educate the next generation of business leaders.