Dual Enrollment/College Credit

The Windham Regional Career Center offers dual enrollment college credit in specific program areas. Dual Enrollment advantages include the opportunity for students to begin earning college credit while still in high school by taking courses in a career pathway that is articulated through Community College of Vermont (CCV), Vermont Technical College (VTC) or other post-secondary schools. Interested students should speak with the sending school and WRCC Counselor while planning this aspect for the following year.

Dual Enrollment

COLLEGE ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: In order to enroll in a dual enrollment course with one of our participating colleges, students must meet all of the admission requirements of the college that is offering the credit for that course. In some cases, this means that students must have a certain level of attainment as measured by the Accuplacer Assessment, which will be provided to students in advance of enrollment.

COLLEGE TUITION: The tuition for most college credits is almost always waived if there is a fee a typical 3 credit dual enrollment course is usually $100.

COLLEGE REGISTRATION: Students enroll in their Career Center or BUHS courses through the usual enrollment process. An additional registration process is required to enroll in a dual enrollment course. Registration for dual enrollment courses will take place during the first three weeks of the course. The course instructor or a representative from WRCHS or the college will assist students in completing registration forms. Each college has its own registration form and requirements. Students cannot retroactively enroll in a course. All college prerequisites must be met at the time of registration.

COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS: Students will need to contact the college providing the credits to order a copy of their transcripts or authorize the school to release the information. Towards the end of most of the dual enrollment courses, transcript request forms will be distributed to students, for them to complete and submit to the college granting credit.

Dual Enrollment Courses

WRCC Course NameCollege Awarding Credit
Intro to Business (Business Mgt. I)CCV
Principles of Marketing (Bus. Mgt. II)CCV
Early Childhood Education Pathway
Supportive Communication SkillsCCV
Early Childhood DevelopmentCastleton University
Intro to Exceptional PopulationsCCV
Communications in the ECE WorkplaceCCV
Visual and Performing Arts Pathway
Film Making and Digital Editing (3 college credits)CCV
Health and Bio-Medical Sciences Pathway
Medical Terminology/LNA (3 college credits)CCV
Nutrition (3 college credits) VTC
Anatomy and Physiology I (4 college credits)VTC
Human Growth & DevelopmentVTC
Engineering and Manufacturing Pathway
Manufacturing IRiver Valley CC
Visual & Performing Arts
Film Making/Digital Editing 1CCV
Early Childhood Education
Supportive Communication SkillsRVCC
Children with Special Needs and Their FamiliesRVCC
Intro to Early ChildhoodCCV
Child DevelopmentCCV