Program Description

Skilled electricians are in high demand in Vermont and nationwide. There are opportunities in residential, commercial, and industrial electrical work in every state in the nation. In Vermont the first step is to complete an apprenticeship program that includes 144 hours of classroom instruction each year and 8,000 hours of on-the-job training culminating in sitting for the Vermont Journeyman’s Licensure exam. Students will spend most of their first year learning basic wiring skills and concepts and may complete a small number of apprenticeship hours. Second-year students will complete classroom hours and work toward completing over 500-hour apprenticeship hours.

Level I

Electrical Technology I is designed to provide students the basic theories and concepts of electrical work. This is the first of two courses to complete the Electrical pathway. Students will share classroom and lab time while learning safety, tool use, electrical wiring and systems, and other electrical concepts. Throughout the entire pathway there is a strong emphasis on teamwork, work ethic, critical thinking skill development, and accountability in the workplace, as well as safety, professionalism and very high standards of customer service. The goal is to prepare students for real life situations, and to create a strong foundation of skills and knowledge needed by a highly skilled employee in the electrical industry.

Level II

Electrical II exposes students to more advanced topics, such as electrical codes, telecommunications, residential & commercial wiring and OSHA requirements. This course of study also includes in-depth instruction on power generation and distribution, blueprint reading and semiconductor applications such as programmable logic controllers, alarm and CCTV systems, and photovoltaics. Students will have the opportunity to work for local master electricians.

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Your Instructor

William Sevigny

I have been a licensed electrician for thirty years with residential, commercial and industrial experience. I began teaching with the region's apprenticeship program in 2005. This program that I have started is a wonderful collaboration of two things that I am passionate about.