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Orlando Alvarez

Born in Santa Clara, Cuba and immigrated to New York City with my mother and father. Shortly after that, we relocated to South Florida. I was educated in South Florida in a home where the primary language is Spanish. I learned English by attending grade school and associating with English-speaking friends.
I decided to join law enforcement because I had a sense of wanting to “give back” and to serve and protect those who had the same challenges.
I was fortunate to work for a police department with a diverse group of officers and supervisors. The mission of the police department was to encourage its officers to perform community outreach. I received various training in understanding the needs and complexities of working with diverse community members. I have participated in cultural diversity training, restorative justice practices training, and the Disproportionate Minority Contact Initiative.
I’ve discovered a rewarding career as an educator where I can pass on my experiences, knowledge, and ability to recognize the complexities associated with criminal offenders. Being a resident of Brattleboro and having an opportunity to teach in Brattleboro will allow me to share my experiences with local students.